Bellarri "La Bouquet" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Ring - 1 of a Kind Prototype

We've sold several of the beautiful R8631PG/RH "La Bouquet" rings, with 18K pink gold and natural rhodolite garnet. It's a design that everyone loves and that shows off what's possible when you are using the most advanced laser gemstone cutting machines. Before that ring was created, however, there was a much-larger prototype version - the ring that came before the R8631. We have it and are proud to offer it for sale.

It looks exactly like the R8631, but is quite a bit larger. We included photos below, at the bottom of the array, showing this prototype side by side with the R8631 size that it spawned. Our guess is that Bellarri showed this prototype to dealers and Bellarri collectors, and they loved the design but asked that it be a little smaller and at a more accessible pricepoint. So Bellarri created the R8631 style, a smaller but still substantial version of this ring.

This prototype is also made from solid 18K pink gold, fully finished with a stunning filigree undergallery. It features 13.05 carats of natural, earth-mined untreated and unheated rhodolite garnet and a full 42 points - almost half a carat - of genuine white diamonds.

The setting on this ring measures 1.2" across with a rise of just over .35" up off the finger. It weighs 13.5 grams, one of the heavier rings we've offered, and the shank is a standard size 7 with sizing available.

Retail would have been $8300 had it gone into regular production - hence the reason we figured dealers probably asked for a smaller and more affordable version.


Side by side photos with the regular production, smaller version R8631PG/RH...