Bellarri "Napoli" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Rose Quartz & White Diamond Ring

We've previously offered this in the smoky quartz colorway and are now pleased to bring you this style in rose quartz.

From the "Napoli" Collection, it starts with a solid 18K pink gold curvy shank and setting which flows up and over the sides of the rose quartz and is covered by 43 points - almost a half carat - of genuine white diamonds.

The centerpiece of the ring is an all-natural, earth-mined 16.40 carat teardrop shaped cabochon rose quartz that not only boasts wonderful color but is also far clearer than is obvious from our photos (cabochons are always tough for digital camera lenses). This ring and stone are so beautiful that we're offering a special in-home examination offer - check out the details below.

The setting on this ring is a full 1" long x .6" wide, with a rise of almost .4" up off the finger. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available. Total weight of the ring is 9.1 grams.