Bellarri "Napoli" 18K Pink Gold & Swiss Blue Topaz Ring

From Bellarri's "Napoli" Collection, we've previously offered this ring in smoky quartz and rose quartz and are now pleased to offer it in a vibrant Swiss blue topaz. But first, some photo notes.

Swiss Blue topaz is a very vivid, vibrant blue. It's much more colorful than Sky blue topaz but not as dark as London Blue topaz. We are always careful when photographing Swiss blue to make sure our white balance and color settings are accurate, and if your computer monitor (or tablet) is properly calibrated and white looks white (and not yellow) then what you see in our photos is what you'll see in person. It's a very vivid shade of blue with hints of Royal blue and hints of teal, but still a true bright blue.

The setting and shank are solid 18K pink gold, and the center stone is a huge 21.05 carat natural Swiss blue teardrop shaped cabochon. It's so crystal clear and clean that it picks up reflections of everything in each room in which it was photographed, so you get some very creative refraction patterns coming out of it. In the photos with the quarter, you can see lines across the stone - those aren't scratches, they're reflections from the shutters in the room where I took the pictures.

Complimenting the presentation, and decorating the entire perimeter of the setting and down both sides of the shank, are a full 43 points / .43ct of white diamonds, one of the highest diamond counts of any Bellarri ring we offer.

The top setting measures a full 1" long x .6" wide with a rise of .45" owing to the giant 21.05 carat topaz. The ring weighs 10.1 grams, almost a third of an ounce, and the shank is a size 7 with sizing available.

Retail was over $4K - before tax - but we're offering this ring for only $1395, an amazing price for an 18K piece with a center stone this large, clean and colorful and almost half a carat of white diamonds.