Bellarri "Tuscany" 18K Yellow Gold, Madeira Citrine, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Ring

This is our second colorway in the R8693 style code - we've previously offered this in lemon quartz as well. These offer a perfect combination of simple, comfortable shanks with large, dynamic gemstones, and the lemon quartz ring ended up being a bridal ring for a couple in Switzerland.

From the "Tuscany" Collection, this features a solid 18K yellow gold shank with a big 8.85 carat all-natural, earth-mined and untreated Madeira citrine. It boasts Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique Cut, with flat table and scalloped crown to accentuate the light refraction.

Flowing over the corners are ribbons of diamonds, a full 15 points / .15 ct.

Decorating the side gallery, both front and rear, are round rhodolite garnets (.10ct).

The top setting measures .7" x .5" with a rise up off the finger of .35". The shank is a size 7 and the ring weighs 8.2 grams.