Bellarri "Tuscany" 18K Pink Gold, Lemon Quartz, Peridot, & Diamond Ring

This is another newly-retired design, from the recent "Tuscany" collection, and it features a wonderful lemon quartz - peridot combination.

It starts with solid 18K pink gold, and perched at the top of a setting decorated with almost half a carat of diamonds (44 points) is a stunning bright pastel yellow 7.10 carat lemon quartz with Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique cut and flat table with scalloped edges.

A total of 10 peridots, of all different cuts, shapes and sizes, and weighing 2.10 carats combined, decorates the side gallery of the ring. Ribbons of diamonds weave all around the peridot settings.

As with all Bellarri creations, the gemstones are all-natural, earth-mined. Notice that we're not shy about closeup photos, even if narrow camera aperture results in some blurry edges! We're not shy about closeups because Bellarri's gemstones - and the lemon quartz at the center of this piece is no exception - are always crystal clear and free of inclusions and distractions.

The top setting, across just the lemon quartz, measures .75" x .7", and the ring sits up about .45" up off the finger. It's a size 7 and sizing is available.

IMPORTANT PHOTO NOTE: In person, to the naked eye, the lemon quartz is a vivid pastel yellow. But the camera lens picks up something the naked eye may not pick up immediately - hues of green from the peridot shining up through the cut of the lemon quartz, making the lemon quartz appear green in some photos! So if you're wondering why the lemon quartz looks almost lime green, it's the peridot below sending light waves up through the lemon quartz.