Bellarri 18K Pink Gold, Rose Quartz, Peridot, Citrine and Diamond Ring

If ever there was a ring that demanded a pink gold setting, it's this one. For the rose quartz lovers out there, this is a ring that absolutely must be seen in person. There's gorgeous - and then there's this ring. Dawn and I have a serious crush on this one.

It starts with solid 18K pink gold, in a very ornate setting that proudly displays a stunning 12.50 carat all-natural rose quartz cabochon. Keep in mind that with cabochons, there's no faceting to distract the eye - the threshold for clarity is much higher because it's so easy to see right through the stone. To get a stone of this size, to look this good and colorful, requires a superb rose quartz specimen and the stone in this ring nails it.

Decorating the side gallery, all the way around the ring, are 4.40 carats of faceted all-natural earth-mined peridot and citrine in multiple shapes, sizes and cuts. Finally, 9 points of diamonds decorate the arched ribbons that delineate the top setting from the converging arms of the shank.

The top setting, including the side gallery, measures .95" wide x .75" deep (finger direction), with a .45" rise up off the finger. The shank is Bellarri's standard size 7, and sizing is available.