Bellarri 18K WG "Circle of Love" Tourmaline

Yes...our first ever "Circle of Love" Collection piece! "Circle of Love" is one of Bellarri's most popular collections, and it can be seen on much of their in-store promotional displays as well as their magazine ad campaigns.

This particular beauty is made with solid 18K white gold with a concave circular setting (similar to the Marietta designs) of 4.05 carats of green tourmaline. Two of the tourmaline blades are raised above, and punctuated with 18K white gold cylindrical diamond settings. Diamonds decorate the entire perimeter of the setting, and run down both sides of the shank (33 points total).

The top setting measures about .7" across, except at the raised tourmalines where it's about .75" across. It's a size 7 ring, and sizing is available.

NOTE: This is a recently-retired, recent production item, made at higher gold prices than some of our other older-production offerings. As such, it's more expensive relative to other rings on our site. We don't charge a premium for recent-production items, it's simply a function of higher gold prices over the last few years and recent items costing more than older items that were made when gold was still below $900 per ounce.