Bellarri "Boulevard" 18K White Gold Green Tourmaline Ring

From Bellarri's "Boulevard" Collection, this ring puts a beautiful array of bright and vivid green tourmaline on your finger at a really surprising price and with a very wearable low profile.

The ring features a solid 18K white gold shank and setting, with a cigar-band style tapered-middle design. The array of all-natural green tourmaline is 5.90 carats large, with 30 points / .30ct of white diamonds decorating the edges of the setting and floating in the middle of the tourmaline array.

The setting measures .65" deep (with the finger) at its widest point, tapering to about .55" at its narrowest point. The ring's rise is only about .2" up off the finger, so the profile is very low. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

On our mannequin hand - which is very petite - this ring looks really big. And while it is a substantial piece that will look large on very tiny hands, it will look great on even medium-sized fingers. Don't let the tiny mannequin photos throw you off.

Retail on this was near $6500, but we've got it for only $2095.