Bellarri "Boulevard" 18K Pink Gold, Rhodolite Garnet and Diamond Ring

Here's another stunner from Bellarri's "Boulevard" Collection, and a ring sure to catch the attention of rhodolite garnet lovers.

It starts with solid 18K pink gold and features an asymmetrical and tapered array of gorgeous rhodolite garnets - 5.80 carats total - with 21 points of diamonds decorating not only the outside of the setting but also the 18K ribbon that extends over part of the rhodolite setting. All of the photos were taken in natural light - the garnets really are that beautiful.

The setting measures .55" wide across the widest part of the setting, with a rise of only .15" - this ring is as low-profile as it gets from Bellarri. The shank itself is a size 7, and sizing service is available. The ring weighs 6.2 grams.

Retail on this work of art was over $5300 - an expensive piece owing to the size, cut and color of the rhodolites - but we're bringing it to you for only $1595, exactly 30% of retail. In terms of % of retail, we usually can't get down to 30%, so this is a great offering that I'm not sure we'll be able to repeat.