Bellarri Rhodolite & Green Tourmaline 18K White Gold Ring

This ring is an exciting find for us - not only is it the first of its kind that we've ever seen or had, but it's the first ring we've ever offered from Bellarri designed around rhodolite garnet and green tourmaline.

It was a hard ring to photograph - the best way to think of this is to picture the Hava design (of which we have several on offer), with its 3x3 grid of scalloped-table Mystique-cuts, but with a curved shape to the setting. This ring features the same Hava-style 3x3 grid, with 9 of the most beautiful Rasberry Rhodolite Garnets you'll ever see, placed in a curved setting. Then, overlaying the setting are little "leaves" of gorgeous deep and crystal-clear green tourmaline in white gold - 2 on one side of the setting, 1 on the other side. Diamonds (F/G color, VS clarity) cap the presentation, both on the top setting and down the sides of the shank.

Total gemstone counts are 6.62ct of rhodolite, 2.30 carats of green tourmaline, and 11 points of diamonds.

The top setting measures .6" x .75" and the ring sits .25" up off the finger. It's a size 7 and sizing is available.