Bellarri "Hava III" 18K Peridot & Diamond Ring

Because of mine closures and tight mining supply of high-grade peridot, Bellarri has stopped retiring any collections based around peridot - they don't want to remove supply from an already-undersupplied market. As a result, we're seeing fewer and fewer peridot rings in our dealer partners' inventory, and they're more reticent to make them available to us as well.

So when the opportunity to grab this "Hava III" collection piece presented itself, we eagerly jumped at it. This 18K yellow gold piece of art features 5.30 carats of peridot, both in the top setting and on both sides of the shank, plus 31 points of F/G VS diamonds. Take a close look at the peridot in the top center - they all feature Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique cut with scalloped tables. And the peridot forming the corners are all trillion-cuts. This combination of cuts, plus gorgeous pastel-lime green crystal-clear high-grade peridot, creates a superb piece of eye candy. It's the first of its kind we've ever had in our store.

The top setting measures .7" x .7", and the ring is a size 7 with sizing available.

NOTE: This is a more recent production piece, recently retired as well. Because it's more recent, it was made at higher gold prices, and is more expensive relative to some of our other older-production offerings. We're not pricing it any higher due to its being peridot, or the mine closures, it's simply a function of producton period.