Bellarri "Riviera" 18K Rhodolite Multi-Gem Ring

Bellarri multi-gem rings aren't difficult to come by, and neither are rings centered around rhodolite garnet, but this is the first Bellarri multi-gem ring centered around a rhodolite garnet that is both faceted AND features their signature "exploding center" Mystique Cut.

And as color goes, it doesn't get much prettier - this is the Rasberry variety of rhodolite garnet, a deep wine red with strong hints of violet and fuchsia and bright red. The rhodolite is a 3.05 carat stone, and it's surrounded by 3.80 carats of blue topaz, amethyst, citrine, garnet and peridot, all faceted and with rounded Lifesaver-candy shaped edges.

The design itself is also very dynamic - it's an incomplete circle, with the gemstone array extending only part of the way around, leaving a cap that is decorated by cabochon garnets and beautiful undergallery goldwork.

Diamonds cap the presentation - 13 points of F/G VS stones.

It's all set on top of a solid 18K yellow gold petite shank.

The top setting measures .75" x .5", and the ring is a size 7 with sizing service available.