Bellarri "Mademoiselle" 18K Yellow Gold, Rhodolite Garnet, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Prototype Ring - Only 1 Ever Created, Only 1 Exists

From Bellarri's "Mademoiselle" Collection, this ring is a fully-finished, retail-ready, brand new but never sold prototype ring and is the only one ever created. Whomever owns this, owns the only one in existence.

Collectors of Bellarri's sister collections "Marietta" and "Mademoisell" will recall that rings from these collections usually came in multiple sizes. The comparable signature "Marietta" design closest to this, the one that went into regular production, came in a 21mm diameter size and a larger 24mm diameter size. When we were able to source those larger rings, we sold them for $2495, so our goal was to get this prototype into the same price range, enabling customers to buy a 1-of-a-kind piece for the same price as a regular production piece.

In actuality, this "Mademoiselle" is even larger than the bigger of the two "Marietta" designs. This one measures 28mm across its widest points. Measuring finger diretion, parallel to the finger, the setting is a full 1" long by just over 1" wide with a rise of over .4" up off the finger. It weighs 10.1 grams. The shank is a size 7, and sizing is available.

It features 12.85 carats of natural, earth-mined rhodolite garnet and the center is decorated with 1.60 carats of garnet, citrine, amethyst, peridot, green tourmaline, and London blue topaz. Genuine white diaonds decorate the edges of the rhodolite settings all the way around the ring, as well as little petals of diamonds at the center of the ring.

What makes this ring different from other "Mademoiselle" designs is that not only are the petals gently upturned, allowing you to easily enjoy the filigree undergallery while viewing the ring from the side, but by designing with only 4 larger flower petals of rhodolite you get a little more separation between the petals. This allows you to view the rhodolites at the edges from their side and actually see the side facets of the rhodolite blades.

Notice that because the filigree undergallery is such a big part of the design, it's not only ornately decorated but Bellarri also put a signature "B" under each petal.