Bellarri "La Bouquet" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's retired "La Bouquet" Collection, this is exactly the type of creation that people will miss not being able to grab at this price point once gold passes $1700 per ounce - only so many are still available in circulation, and the prices we're paying to take these out of dealer showcases are going up, not down because the costs to replace that inventory from Bellarri are also going up.

It features a solid 18K pink gold band and setting with 2.10 carats of all-natural, earth-mined, untreated & unheated smoky quartz plus a full 27 points / .27ct of genuine white diamonds. What many people don't know about the "La Bouquet" blade cuts - which also applies to the blade cuts used in the "Mademoiselle" and "Marietta" designs - is that it took Bellarri almost 2 years to perfect this cut. And only because she invested in her own laser-cutting machines - she doesn't outsource to a 3rd party - can she experiment and get creative in attempting cuts like this. When this ring is on your finger, you can appreciate not just the overall appearance, but the time and effort that went into bringing this gemstone cut to fruition.

The top setting on this ring measures .6" x .85" with a maximum rise of .4" up off the finger at the peak of the setting. The band is a standard Bellarri size 7 and sizing service is available. The ring weighs 5.3 grams.

It retailed for more than $4K, but we have it brand new and retail fresh for only $1295.