Bellarri 18K White Gold & Blue Topaz "La Bouquet" Ring

From Bellarri's "La Bouquet" Collection, this is the first design to be retired from that collection and the first we've been able to offer here on our site.

It features "fans" of sky blue topaz - one on top of the other, slightly offset - all set in solid 18K white gold. It's a difficult ring to describe, and was even harder to photograph, but it's absolutely stunning in person. The labor and precision laser-cutting required to create each of the blue topaz blades, all fitting into a rounded setting, gets into territory that very few jewelry designers venture into nowadays. We photographed the ring from every conceivable angle, but this is one you have to see in person and take a chance on.

The total sky blue topaz count is 5.75 carats, plus 20 points of diamonds decorating the edges of the topaz fans.

The ring's widest point, measured in the direction of the finger, is .6". The rise is just under .4". The ring shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.