Bellarri 18K "Melody" Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Ring

Presenting our first-ever "Melody" Collection piece, an absolutely beautiful ring for which there is a direct correlation between our excitement and the work required to photograph it!

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features one of the most intricate, stylized, and ornate shanks and settings we've ever seen on a ring - from any designer. This ring is like a traveling gemstone museum display. It's arch shaped, with a web of solid gold latticework protecting a display of all-natural earth-mined gemstones of various shapes and cuts. Look beneath the gold lattice and you'll see faceted topaz, citrine, peridot, rhodolite and amethyst, with cabochons of iolite and red garnet.

But we're just getting started, because the ends of the setting are decorated with faceted cylindrical settings of rasberry rhodolite, London blue topaz, citrine and green tourmaline, with garnet cabochon caps. Total gemstone count is 7.30 carats.

Decorating the settings between the cylinders, the sides of the latticework arches, and the cylindrical settings among the lattice are 20 points of diamonds.

And the shank itself, flowing downward from the top setting, has its own crosshatch latticework as the double arms of the shank taper towards the bottom of the ring.

What more can we say, except that even if you have a large and varied Bellarri collection there's still a good chance you don't have anything like this. It's just remarkable - but photographing it was difficult because of how the latticework distracts the camera lens from the gemstones below, so please forgive any photos that aren't perfectly in focus.

The top setting measures .95" wide from side to side. It measures .8" deep at the cylindrical settings, and .55" deep at the arched gemstone display. The rise up off the finger is .35", so for all its detail it's not an intrusive design. The shank is a size 7, with sizing available.