Bellarri "Marietta II" Large-Size 18K Multi-Gemstone Ring

From Bellarri's signature Marietta Collection, this ring is part of the 2nd Series of Marietta styles, expanding on the original award-winning Marietta rhodolite flower design by adding additional gemstone "petals".

Note also that this Marietta design came in two sizes, small and large. The difference between the two sizes is dramatic so you would never confuse the two. The small size measures .95" x .65 across the setting, while the large size - which is what we're offering here - measures 1.15" x .9". The weight difference is even more dramatic - 7.1 grams vs. 12.1 grams, and in the hand it feels almost twice as heavy.

This large size ring, while boasting a large top setting, doesn't have an imposing rise. Measured to the top of the large green tourmaline at the center of the side petals, the rise is .4" up off the finger. The shank size is 7, and sizing is available.

The large rhodolite setting features 6.75 carats of natural earth-mined and crystal-clear blade-cut rhodolite garnet, while the side petals feature citrine, green tourmaline and blue topaz. The carat weight of those stones, along with the additional natural gems at the center of the ring, is an additional 16.95 carats for a total of over 23 carats of natural gemstones.

A full 35 points - more than a third of a carat - of natural white diamonds decorates the edges of every flower petal as well as the sides of the shank. We also included photos of the filigree undergallery - Bellarri's Marietta rings have gorgeous undersides.

Retail was well over $7K for this large-size style, and we've got it for only $2495.