Bellarri "Colors of Passion" 18K White Gold, Natural Aquamarine & White Diamond Ring

Few things are harder to locate in the Bellarri universe than aquamarine creations, especially those with larger stones. The prices for natural aquamarine have increased dramatically, bringing more stones of questionable quality to market but Bellarri refuses to downgrade her quality level so she's designing very little with aquamarine these days, and dealers who have aquamarine aren't letting it go.

Which brings us to this gorgeous work of art. It's a rare find, and as aquamarine rings go it's one of the larger pieces we've offered, though it doesn't wear like a large ring.

From the "Colors of Passion" Collection, it features a solid 18K white gold shank and setting. The centerpiece stone is an 8.04 carat all-natural, untreated, unheated earth-mined oval-cut aquamarine with flat table and gorgeous faceting pattern. The center stone alone measures .7" x .4".

Flanking the center stone are tapered-length baguettes of aquamarine, with yet more aquamarine decorating the side galleries on both sides all the way around - another 2.45 carats total.

The diamond count - genuine whites - is 18 points / .18ct.

The ring measures over a full inch wide across the shoulders, but the way the shank curves up into the setting it sort of molds to the shape around the fingers, allowing the ring to be comfier than it's size would indicate. Dawn has tiny hands - 6" wrist and 5-6 size fingers - and she found this ring to be very comfortable. Normally she'd have to avoid a ring this size, but the shank on this is perfectly shaped.

The rise is .3" and the ring weighs 11.6 grams. It's a standard Bellarri size 7, and sizing is available.


These first photos were taken in natural light...

These following photos were taken under direct color-neutral LED lighting...