Bellarri "Marquesa" 18K Multi-Gem Ring

Presenting the first retired design from Bellarri's hugely-popular "Marquesa" Collection, and the first "Marquesa" piece we've ever been able to offer.

It's hard to imagine a band of gold with more color, personality, and gemstone artistry. It starts with solid 18K yellow gold that creates a tapering rope-bridge weave design that is .2" wide at the base of the shank and just over .5" wide across the widest part of the gemstone setting. Decorating the outside of the gemstone setting are faceted cylindrical baguettes of London blue topaz, citrine, rhodolite, amethyst, sky blue topaz, green tourmaline and red garnet. Decorating the center of the setting are small emerald and polygon cuts of these same gemstones. Total colored gemstone count is 5.00 carats, and as always the gemstones are all-natural and earth-mined.

Small settings of 18K white gold with diamonds are scattered throughout the center setting, and separating the cylindrical baguettes - diamond count is 8 points.

The setting has a rise up off the finger of less than .2", easily one of the most wearable and least intrusive Bellarri designs. This is a design for gals who love Bellarri, but need there rings to stay low and out of the way.

The shank size is a 7, and sizing is available though may be limited due to the complexity of the setting. Please inquire about your individual requirements.

Total weight of the ring is 8.5 grams.


Photos taken in natural light - natural light shows the color more accurately. Photos taken with camera flash shown further below.


Photos taken with camera flash - these wash out the color a little, but they show off the diamonds more.