Bellarri "Hava II" 18K Yellow Gold, Peridot & Diamond Ring

We love the size of this ring - it's not too big, not too small, a perfectly wearable everyday sort of ring.

From the "Hava II" Collection, it features a solid 18K yellow gold shank and setting. Set into the circular top setting are 5.95 carats of all-natural, uncolored, earth-mined peridot with Bellarri's signature "exploding center" Mystique cut and flat tables with scalloped crowns. The stones are so clear and clean that light refracts throughout the setting, from stone to stone, making it look like a one huge pool of sparkling peridot.

Genuine white diamonds, decorating both the linear column across the top and the white gold cylinders between the peridots, total 7 points / .07ct.

The top setting measures .7" in diameter, with a rise of exactly .25" up off the finger. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.