Bellarri "Boulevard" 18K Multi-Gem & Pearl Ring

While this may be part of the "Boulevard" Collection, our first thought upon seeing it was "Alexa match!" We've had "Alexa" Collection pendants, but hadn't found a ring that we thought would make a perfect partner for the "Alexa" South Sea Pearl pieces, until now.

This ring starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features a long setting decorated with 2.83 carats of citrine, rhodolite garnet and amethyst, plus a beautiful South Sea Pearl. It may not be obvious in our photos - digital camera sensors never quite capture lustre of pearls the way you see them with the naked eye, and shadowing gives the pearls a slight yellowish cast - but the pearl in this ring glows pink and sea green. Not just hints of pink and sea green - it glows pink and sea green.

Flanking the setting are individual all-natural, earth-mined green tourmalines on both sides. And finally, 15 points of diamonds decorate the perimeter of the top setting. It's a stunning piece, both in terms of design, and the quality of the pearl and gemstones.

The top setting measures 1.05" long, and just over .5" wide. The ring is a size 7.25 and sizing is available.