Bellarri "Hava II" 18K Pink Gold, Natural Peridot & White Diamond Ring

We've previously offered this style in the rhodolite colorway and are now pleased to have it in pink gold and peridot.

It starts with a solid 18K pink gold shank and setting and features 4.80 carats of natural, unheated, untreated peridot cut with Bellarri's signature flat-tabled, scalloped-crown "exploding center" Mystique cut. With 9 peridots in a 3x3 grid, you get each stone refracting light through other adjacent stones, creating wonderful sparkle and brilliance.

A full 13 points / .13ct of white diamonds decorates the loop of gold flowing into the setting and the gold cylinders sprouting up from the center of the peridot cluster.

The top setting measures .65" x .7" with a rise of less than .25" up off the finger. It weighs 6.3 grams. The shank is the standard Bellarri size 7, and sizing is available.