Bellarri "Marquesa" 18K Yellow Gold, Citrine, Green Tourmaline & Multi-Gem Ring

This is our 2nd offering from Bellarri's recent "Marquesa" Collection, and this particular ring centers around Madeira citrine and green tourmaline. It features 3 large diamond-shaped Madeira citrines through the center, with small bowtie settings of green tourmaline alternating between the citrines. Like all "Marquesa" designs, it's also a multi-gemstone affair with faceted cylindrical baguettes of rhodolite, red garnet, blue topaz, amethyst and peridot decorating the outside of the setting. The total carat weight of the citrine alone is 2.80ct, and the rest of the colored stones total 5.70ct. A full 17 points of diamonds, almost a fifth of a carat, cap the presentation.

The shank itself is also a highlight, with a tapering art deco stylized design - we included many photos of the shank itself.

The ring measures .6" across the top setting, tapering to .2" at the bottom of the shank. The ring is a size 7, and sizing is available. It weighs 10.2 grams.

Retail was $4990, and we're offering it at less than 34% of original retail. Relative to other "Marquesa" rings, this one comes in at a higher price point owing to the thicker shank (higher gold weight) and large citrines and green tourmalines (tourmaline prices have more than tripled in the last 18 months).