Bellarri "La Petite" 18K Multi-Gemstone Ring

Bellarri's "La Petite" Collection is perfect for gals who like their jewelry on the smaller side, with subtle designs and littler footprints. But as you can see from this ring, though the styles may be smaller in size they're certainly not small in terms of presentation.

This ring starts with solid 18K yellow gold and features a 2.45 carat all-natural, earth-mined Madeira citrine. Most citrine found on the market today has been heat-treated, but not this stone - Bellarri sets only natural stones. And it's not just the natural origin that makes it special - she also cut it with her "exploding center" Mystique cut, with flat table and scalloped crown, to create that wonderful starburst effect.

Surrounding the citrine are 2.10 carats of faceted amethyst, peridot, red garnet and rhodolite along with 6 points of genuine white diamonds both at the corners and running down both sides of the shank.

The top setting measures .6" x .65" with a rise of only .25" up off the finger (this would be a great everyday wearer). The shank is a standard Bellarri 7 and sizing service is available.