I imagine we're going to get some wide eyes with the photos of this ring, and yes those photos are real and un-enhanced. From Bellarri's "Riviera" Collection, it features a 3.40 carat Mystique-cut, scalloped-table amethyst, flanked by 1.30 carats of iolite and green tourmaline on one side, rhodolite garnet and citrine on the other. And 5 points of F/G color VS1 diamonds caps the presentation. Now, on it's own, the amethyst is stunning - because of the Mystique-cut exploding center, staring into the center leads you to think it's about 6 feet deep. And the color is exactly what you would wish for - deep purple but not so dark that it seems quiet - and it shows bursts of violet every time it catches light. But because of the setting angle, and the way the Mystique cut refracts light through the stone, if the ring catches the right light angle you get lighting effects from the citrine or rhodolite garnet (which almost looks like a deep pink tourmaline) through the amethyst. That's what is creating those color variations in the photos - we didn't do that! The ring measures .5" tall (with the finger) across the amethyst, and .85" wide (across the finger) measured across the rhodolite garnet and green tourmaline. It sits .25" up off the finger, and is a size 7 with sizing available.