Bellarri "Ultimate Color" 18K Yellow Gold Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Ring

This is the first of this style we've ever had in our store, and it's a hard design to describe in words so we took lots of closeup, natural-light photos. It's absolutely gorgeous, and explodes with color and sparkle. Designating this style as part of the "Ultimate Color" collection is very appropriate and the name surely fits.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, with a large cylindrical setting of all-natural, earth-mined gemstones plus a second "shelf" of gemstones flowing from the cylinder. It features a full 12.35 carats of peridot, green tourmaline, golden citrine, Madeira citrine, red garnet, watermelon rhodolite garnet, violet rhodolite garnet, deep purple amethyst, electric violet amethyst, and iolite. On most Bellarri pieces, there's one of each gemstone but on this ring Bellarri created a gradient effect by doubling-up on the citrine, garnet and amethyst with multiple variations of each gemstone. The side galleries of the ring, on both sides, feature more baguettes of these same gemstones, with the same gradient effect, plus little cabochons of rhodolite garnet at the center.

This gradient effect may not be entirely obvious in the photos, though if your computer monitor is properly calibrated you should see it. But in person, it's just gorgeous, and it works just as beautifully as the gradient effects she does on her "Alessandra" and "Riviera" necklaces, as well as the "Eternal Love" tennis bracelet we have available for order (what a great matchup that would be).

In addition to all this color, the ring also features a full 31 points - almost a third of a carat - of real white diamonds for plenty of extra sparkle.

The ring shank is a size 7, and sizing is available. The top setting measures .8" wide, with a full .45" rise up off the finger. Retail was almost $6500, so we're glad to be able to offer it for under $2K.