Bellarri "La Boutique" 18K White Gold & Mother of Pearl Ring

This particular ring is going to take a leap of faith for most customers, but one that will reward you with a piece that is dramatically more beautiful in person than in our photos.

We normally take photos indoors, and without camera flash, but for this ring we broke from convention and took all the pictures outside in bright sunlight. That's because Mother of Pearl is exceptionally hard to photograph - all of the depth and colors that you see with the naked eye just aren't captured with digital camera sensors, though natural sunlight helps a little. Every Mother of Pearl setting on this ring has wonderful depth and color, throwing off hues of pink, violet and sea green - you just can't see it in the photos.

The ring is solid 18K white gold, and it's from Bellarri's "La Boutique" Collection - our first piece from that collection. It's a chunky ring, measuring .8" deep (with the finger) and .95" wide (across the finger. It only sits .3" up off the finger, so it doesn't wear as large as it looks. It does weigh a full 16 grams, so it's not the heaviest ring we've ever had from Bellarri, but it's close. The shank itself is .35" wide at its thinnest point, .7" wide up where it meets the Mother of Pearl setting.

Separating each Mother of Pearl setting is a ribbon of 18K white gold, and they all converge at the top of the ring in an bed of diamond-filled 18K white gold. Total diamond count is more than half a carat, 52 points.

Add it all up, and it's a big, beautiful, colorful, and regal creation that has to be seen in person. It is a size 7.5, and sizing is available, so let us know what you may need. Retail on this was almost $7,000 and we did our best to get this down to a great, affordable price for you.