Bellarri "La Petite" 18K Yellow Gold, Madeira Citrine & Multi-Gemstone Ring

Bellarri's "La Petite" Collection is designed - and appropriately named - for customers who have small hands or who work & play in environments that call for small, discreet jewelry items. But while they may be small in stature, they're anything but in presentation and color.

This ring starts with a solid 18K yellow gold shank and features 3.80 carats of all-natural colored gemstones, starting with a gorgeous scalloped-edge Mystique-cut Madeira citrine at the center. Notice the beautiful color palette displayed by the citrine in our photos, depending on angle - it goes from bright orange to deep tangerine to bleeding red at the edges. Surrounding the citrine are what we like to call faceted "Lifesaver Candy" cuts of rhodolite garnet, London Blue Topaz, amethyst and green tourmaline.

Decorating the sides of the shank are more baguettes - topaz, rhodolite and amethyst on one side, peridot, citrine and red garnet on the other. Like we said, small on stature, but not small on color!

Three points of genuine white diamonds decorate the four rounded corners of the top setting.

The top setting measures approximately .5" x .5", with a rise of only .25" up off the finger. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available. Retail was $2180, but we have this for only $749, brand new and retail fresh.