Bellarri "Josephine" 18K Citrine & Multi-Gemstone Ring

From Bellarri's "Josephine" Collection, this ring features a total of 8.19 carats of Madeira citrine, rhodolite garnet, and green tourmaline. Most of that 8.19 carats is allotted to the gorgeous faceted all-natural citrine center stone, with more faceted "Lifesaver Candy" style citrine surrounding the center. There are two small Princess Cuts on each side, green tourmaline and rhodolite garnet, so two of each total. Diamonds, 11 points total, decorate the 18K white gold cylindrical settings at the corners of the citrine and the ribbons of gold beneath the center setting.

The band itself is solid 18K yellow gold.

The top setting measures .85" x .65" across the citrine alone, and .85" x .85" measured across the side tourmalines and garnets as well. The setting has a total rise of .35" up off the finger. The ring is a size 7 and sizing is available. The ring weighs 9.1 grams.