Bellarri 18K "La Petite" Multi-Gemstone Ring

We know how much our customers love Bellarri's "rainbow array" multi-gem designs, and we grab every piece we can. This one is from the "La Petite" Collection and is perfect for gals who love the colors, love the full array, but want a slightly lower-profile ring with a lower cost.

It's not small, mind you - the top setting measures a full .75" deep (with the finger) x .75" wide (across the finger) when measured across the setting's widest points. But it also rises only .15" up off the finger, making it one of the lowest-profile rings Bellarri makes.

The setting features 2.90 carats of all-natural earth-mined blue topaz, iolite, amethyst, rhodolite, red garnet, Madeira citrine and green tourmaline, plus 10 points of diamonds decorating both sides of the gemstone array. And notice how the gemstone setting is asymmetrical, tapering from one side to the other, and with a very pretty filigree display on the side galleries.

The shank is a size 7, and sizing is available.