Bellarri "Mademoiselle" 18K Yellow Gold, Rubellite, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Ring - Only 1 Ever Created, And The Only "Mademoiselle" Design to Feature Rubellite

We are proud to offer a ring that is not only a one-of-a-kind creation, but it's also the only "Mademoiselle" Collection ring to ever feature a rubellite. And it's not just any rubellite, it's an all-natural 20.25 carat oval cabochon. It's a huge, gorgeous, rare rubellite, and only one of these rings exists in the world.

It features a solid 18K yellow gold shank and setting, and in addition to the rubellite it also features 8.15 carats of faceted citrine, green tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, iolite, peridot, rhodolite and red garnet plus another 17 points of natural white diamonds.

It's one of the heaviest and most substantial Bellarri rings we've ever offered - the top setting measures 1.2" x 1.05" with a rise of .6". The ring weighs 19 grams, almost 2/3 of an ounce. For those of you who are also Barbara Bixby 18K key collectors, this ring weighs as much as some of her medium and large-size 18K keys. The shank is standard size 7, maybe a hair larger, not quite a 7.25.

Retail was $12,575, but we're offering it for less than 40% of original retail.