Bellarri "Dutchess" 18K Yellow & White Gold, Green Tourmaline, Peridot & White Diamond Ring

From the "Dutchess" Collection, this would likely be the largest Bellarri ring many of you might ever purchase. It starts with a deceivingly-medium-sized 18K yellow gold shank and presents a huge and dynamic setting of all-natural, earth-mined peridot, green tourmaline and white diamonds.

There are 24 faceted elongated baguettes of peridot and green tourmaline decorating the side of the setting in three levels, with 4 more full faceted cylindrical stones decorating the top of the shank on both sides at the base of the setting. Total carat weight of these accents stones is 6.16 carats.

The centerpiece is a huge 11.55 carat natural green tourmaline cabochon. As with all Bellarri tourmaline, this stone has not been heat-treated or lab-enhanced. It's all natural, just as it came out of the ground, and it does show inclusions under magnification. You will struggle to see them with the naked eye, but we took some good macro images that capture the inclusions in the stone - keep in mind that your eyes won't see what the camera lens sees, and these photos are meant to intentionally overemphasize every nuance in the stone for the sake of tranparency in our selling.

A full 33 points / .33ct of genuine white diamonds set in 18K white gold decorate all of the setting points between the peridot and tourmaline, as well as encircling the center stone.

The top setting measures just a hair over 1" long x .85" wide with a rise of .6". It also weighs 16.9 grams, well over half an ounce. The shank is a size 7 and sizing is available.

Retail on this brand new, never-sold masterpiece was $13,230 but we have it for less than 34% of that, and if you live outside of Arizona you avoid the sales tax too.