Bellarri "Mosaic" 18K Yellow Gold & Multi-Gemstone 1 of a Kind Prototype Ring / Only 1 Exists

From Bellarri's signature "Mosaic" Collection, this ring is one of our prizes for 2017. We may offer bigger and more elaborate Bellarri pieces before the year is done, but in terms of rarity among Bellarri's centerpiece collections, not to mention how we had to sell our souls to pry this from a dealer's showcase, this is a very exciting ring for us.

Bellarri's regular-production "Mosaic" ring was a 3x3 grid of multi-colored gemstones in a flat setting, but this prototype which was never put into production features a wraparound 5x3 setting. It's bigger and more elaborate, more colorful, and for many customers it may also be more comfortable. Dawn has small hands - size 6 fingers and 6" wrist - and she would normally never be able to wear a setting this size, but because of the way the setting wraps around the finger she found this to be extremely comfortable and to wear smaller than its footprint. As to why Bellarri opted not to put this into production, our guess is cost - the standard 3x3 ring retailed for well over $5K, so this would likely have come in north of $7K which is a more limited market.

The total colored gemstone count is 6.60, with 31 points / .31 carats of white diamonds.

The top setting measures .7" long (with the finger) x .8" wide (across the finger) with a rise of .2" up off the finger. It weighs 11.9 grams, more than a third of an ounce. The shank is a standard Bellarri size 7, and sizing is available.

Please note that this is a fully finished ring, with complete filigree gallery underneath - it may be a prototype, but if you saw it in our dealer partner's showcase you wouldn't know it's a prototype. It's every bit as finished, polished and complete as the regular production "Mosaic", but it's the only one of its kind.

Also note that we took photos at different times of day, in varying levels of lighting - any difference in hue in the photos is simply a function of lighting intensity.