Bellarri "Calypso" 18K Yellow Gold, Natural Madeira Citrine, Amethyst, Peridot & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Calypso" Collection, this is style code R7930/CAP and it features a solid 18K yellow gold band with a 5.65 carat natural citrine flanked by a 1.40 carat natural amethyst and a 1.65 carat natural peridot, with 15 points / .15ct of genuine white diamonds.

What makes this design special is the cut of the gemstones - all three stones are faceted cylindrical cuts, each gem a one-quarter cross section of a cylinder, and all three with tapered widths creating an hourglass shape. It takes very precise laser-cutting machines to create these cuts and this is where Bellarri's gemstones stand out: she not only has the creativity to dream up these cuts, but she's invested in the laser-cutting equipment and craftsman training to execute cuts that many other designers would never attempt. Not only are the gemstones cut creatively, but they're also beautifully saturated, crystal clear, and they're unheated and untreated - no lab enhancements here.

The top setting measures .6" long (finger direction) x .95" wide fully across the shoulders of the side gemstones. The setting rises .3" up off the finger and the ring weighs 8.3 grams. It's a size 7 and sizing service is available.