Bellarri "Romantic Reflections" 18K Yellow Gold, Natural Madeira Citrine, Natural Smoky Quartz & White Diamond Ring

There are only a handful of Bellarri designs that feature faceted fully cylindrical cut gemstones - because it's incredibly difficult to cut such stones successfully - and this "Romantic Reflections" design is one of them.

This ring starts with a solid 18K yellow gold shank and features a gorgeous 2.85 carat natural, untreated, unheated smoky quartz featuring Bellarri's signature Mystique Cut with flat table and scalloped crown to accentuate the "explosion of light" refraction pattern.

Surrounding the center stone are 8.15 more carats of natural smoky quartz and citrine, in a combination of elongated faceted baguettes and fully cylindrical, fully rounded cuts.

Nine points / .09ct of genuine white diamonds complete the presentation.

The top setting measures .6" x .6" across the main stones and almost .95" wide if you measure across the cylindrical stones at the shoulder. The setting rises up just over .25" off the finger, so it's not a vertically intrusive design. The ring weighs 10.2 grams and the band is a size 7 with sizing available.