Bellarri "Duchess" Collection Multi-Gem Ring

The "Duchess" Collection has always been popular, so it's hard to find "retired" Duchess pieces - Bellarri rarely retires designs from this collection before they've sold out, and most Duchess designs do sell out. So we were glad to bring this ring into our inventory - it's brand new, retail fresh, and ready to be enjoyed.

It features solid 18K yellow gold, with 10.71 carats of all-natural gemstones - large cabochons of garnet, amethyst and citrine on top, with gorgeous green tourmaline set into the sides of the shank. Another 5 points of diamonds cap the presentation.

These Duchess designs work great because they're versatile - so many of Bellarri's mixed-gemstone designs feature cabochons either as main stones or as accents, so this ring can be mixed and matched with a great assortment of other Bellarri designs.

The top setting measures .75" x .65", and the ring is a size 7 with sizing availble.


We included photos taken both with and without camera flash. Natural light photos are shown first.