Bellarri 18K "Dutchess" Collection Ring

If you've been following along with our recent additions, you know it's been a fun month with some unique finds from collections we rarely get to see. This gorgeous creation is another example of getting lucky - it's from the "Dutchess" Collection, and I think we can count the number of "Dutchess" pieces we've had in two years on....two fingers. It's just too popular, and dealers never have it for very long.

This ring is made with solid 18K white gold and features a gorgeous 5.74 carat elongated pyramid cabochon blue topaz - it has that smooth, non-faceted, rounded-cut look of a Jolly Rancher candy (remember those!). Flanking the large blue topaz are 1.93 carats of faceted iolite and peridot - a beautiful combination. And we love how Bellarri isn't afraid to mix cuts and styles - a pyramid cabochon + traditional faceted accents isn't something many designers will attempt.

Of course, it also has diamonds - 7 points of F/G VS clarity stones.

The top setting measures .5" long (with the finger) and .8" wide across the finger, so it's not a big ring but it's not petite either - if you want something you can wear a lot but that also yells "Bellarri!", this definitely qualifies. It sits .35" up off the finger, thanks to that pyramind blue topaz.

It is a size 7 and sizing service is available.