Bellarri Europa "Champagne" Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's European "Champagne" Collection comes a ring that it quite unlike anything we've had from Bellarri before. It starts with a solid 18K white gold shank, fully hallmarked. Set on top are three clusters of colored diamonds - green, yellow and pink - totalling 1.61 carats.

It looks great in our photos, and the camera came very close to capturing the color of the diamonds. It's easy to describe them in words - the green diamonds are teal green, the yellows are a pastel-lemon, and the pinks are a deep pink almost like very vivid pink tourmalines. Admittedly, our camera had trouble with the pinks, making them look too red, which we just couldn't correct through multiple photo shoots. If you just imagine an array of teal green, lemon yellow, and vivid pink you've got this ring.

The top setting measures .4" wide across the yellow diamonds, and .75" across the entire array. It sits less than .25" up off the finger, one of the more petite Bellarri designs, and an easy ring to wear often (and a nice candidate for those of our Bellarri customers who just can't wear "big" rings). It is a size 6.75 and sizing is available.

This beauty retails for $4200+, so our price is a huge discount off retail, especially for something not normally seen in the United States.

UPDATE: In our efforts to capture the color and brilliance of these diamonds, we took some outdoor shots, in bright sunlight. To my eyes they make the stones look darker than they are, but we're including them just to give you another perspective in natural sunlight - you can see them in the last 3 photos.