Bellarri "Mosaic II" 18K Multi-Gem Ring

Bellarri's "Mosaic II" Collection is a variation of their signature "Mosaic" design, with the 3x3 grid-style layout and gold-weave design but without the diamonds on the gold weave. The "Mosaic II" and "Mosaic" rings are almost identical - the big difference is that "Mosaic II" comes sans diamonds.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features a gorgeous 3x3 checkerboard grid of all-natural, earth-mined red garnet, peridot, Madeira citrine, rhodolite garnet, green tourmaline, iolite, amethyst and Swiss blue topaz. Total carat weight of the top grid is 8.14 carats.

Decorating the sides of the shank are double-column inlays of rhodolite garnets, total of 1.10 carats across both sides of the shank.

The top setting measures .85" x .7", with a .3" rise off the finger. The ring is a size 7 with sizing available.