Bellarri "Cleo" 18K Yellow Gold, Natural Madeira Citrine, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Ring

This "Cleo" Collection ring is a great addition for us because it matches up with so many other pieces on our site - we have enhancers that will pair perfectly (Flirtation, Riviera) and earrings as well (La Petite, Colors of Passion).

This work of arts starts with a solid 18K yellow gold band and adds a gorgeous array of all-natural earth-mined semi-precious gemstones. The centerpiece is a 3.50 carat Madeira citrine featuring Bellarri's signature Mystique Cut, with a flat table and scalloped crown to enhance the "explosion of light" refraction effect that is the hallmark of the Mystique cut.

Surrounding the citrine are baguettes of red garnet, citrine, peridot, amethyst, rhodolite, London blue topaz and green tourmaline, all as colorful and clear as the center stone, all totaling another 3.85 carats. Genuine white diamonds - .09ct total - complete the presentation.

The top setting measures .7" (with the finger) x .8" (across the shoulders of the ring side to side) with a rise of .3" up off the finger. The ring weighs 9.9 grams and the band is a size 7 with sizing available.