Bellarri "Hava" 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Multi-Gemstone & White Diamond Ring

We've offered many colorways and styles from the "Hava" Collection, but this is one we don't see often. It features a solid 18K yellow gold shank and setting, with a beautiful multi-colored setting.

At the center is a group of four natural, earth-mined Mystique-cut amethysts with flat tables and scalloped crowns. Total amethyst carat weight is 2.31 carats.

Surrounding the amethysts are 5.91 carats of faceted blue topaz in both Sky and Swiss varieties, rhodolite garnet, red garnet, Madiera citrine, peridot and green tourmaline.

At the center is a white diamond in a cylindrical setting, with additional white diamonds running down the sides of the shank. Total diamond carat weight is 10 points / .10ct.

The top setting measures .85" across if measured from corner to corner, or .75" if measured side to side. The rise is .3", and the ring weighs 9.0 grams.

The shank is a Bellarri standard size 7, and sizing is available.