Bellarri "Ultimate Color" 18K Ring

Bellarri's "Ultimate Color" Collection has brought us some of our customers' favorite designs, the ones we get requests for so often. But this is one we hadn't seen before.

It's not a large ring, but it has a fairly large rise, sitting up .55" off the finger. The top setting is only .45" deep, but its design is more vertical.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and features a softened and rounded Fleur de Lis-reminiscent shape. Faceted teardrop Madeira citrines decorate the center of the flower shape from the sides (2.94ct total), long faceted multi-gem blades decorate the top of the flower, and multi-gem baguettes decorate the sides of the shank (5.76ct total). The sides of the gallery also show 17 points of diamonds.

While the dominant color from the sides is orange, thanks to the citrine, from the top the ring is pure red from red and rhodolite garnet, with iolite visible on one side and green tourmaline on the other (blue-red-green).

In terms of finger size, it's just a hair bigger than a 7, right between a 7 and 7.25, and sizing is available.