Bellarri "Flirtation" Rhodolite & Amethyst

Way back in 2012, when we first started selling Bellarri, we got one of these in amethyst and it sold quickly - no surprise, given how creative and colorful the design. It's actually taken us another 2 years to find another, in any colorway - and we just got lucky and found it in a combination of rhodolite and amethyst.

From the "Flirtation" Collection, it features a gorgeous faceted 4.03 carat rhodolite garnet with superb color and clarity. All of the photos were taken in natural light - notice how it throws off a wide palette of reds, from hints of hot pink, to deep watermelon, to maroon, to a deep wine red. And as with all Bellarri colored gemstones, it's au natural - Bellarri never uses heat-treated or lab-enhanced stones, so this beauty got its looks from mother earth and geologic magic.

The sides of the shank are just as interesting - on each side you'll find faceted cylindrical amethysts & rhodolites in a staggered layout design, and capped with rhodolite & amethyst cabochons. Total gemstone count for the sides of the shank is 2.56 carats. Diamonds (8 points) cap the presentation.

The setting is almost .5" deep, measured across the rhodolite center. The ring is a size 7, and sizing is available.

We should have priced this one at $1495, but came in low at $1395 and we don't like to hike prices after we list so we'll stick with our original price. At that price point, this ring is going to delight its new owner - the center rhodolite is a stunner, and it's far more ring than should be available at this price.