Bellarri "Flirtation" 18K White Gold, Aquamarine & Diamond Ring

Most aquamarine you'll see in jewelry stores from other designers has been heat-treated to enhance color, but as Bellarri followers know Bellarri does not heat-treat her gemstones. Because natural, untreated stones are always more expensive than their artificially-enhanced counterparts, we have a very hard time finding Bellarri aquamarine rings at lower price points - good aquamarine is just flat-out expensive relative to other semi-precious gemstones.

That's what makes this particular ring such a nice find. From the "Flirtation" Collection, it features a combination of baguettes emanating outward from a trillion-cut center stone. The center features a flat table to enhance light refraction, and the entire ring is crafted from 18K white gold so the color presentation from the gemstones is pure and unaffected by the color of the band.

The total gemstone count is 3.38 carats of natural aquamarine, complimented by 5 points of natural white diamonds.

The top setting measures .4" (with the finger) x .85" wide (across the entire setting) with a .25" rise up off the finger. The shank is a standard Bellarri size 7 and sizing is available.

This is an older-production piece that was never sold, and it was made at lower gold and gemstone prices, hence the price of only $995. If you're an aquamarine admirer, don't sleep on this - it's very rare that we can get anything with aquamarine for under $1K.

Please note that any variation in hue shown in the photos is a function of lighting intensity, as we often take photos at different times of day and in different levels of lighting. We can assure customers that the ring is nicer in person than in our photos - aquamarine is a difficult stone to photograph, so if you like it in the pictures you'll love it on your hand.