Bellarri "Flirtation" 18K Yellow Gold, Madeira Citrine, Multi-Gemstone & Diamond Ring

Here's a Bellarri "Flirtation" Collection ring we've never seen before - and one that, like early Jezabelle & Zara necklace and bracelet styles, features sprinkles of pink sapphire.

It starts with solid 18K yellow gold, and a 6.68 carat tapered-width scalloped-edge Madeira citrine with stunning orange-yellow color that seems to bleed deep orange-red from its ends. As gorgeous as the citrine is, we're not sure that's even the highlight of the ring - the sides are decorated with 2.56 carats of green tourmaline, rhodolite garnet, amethyst, blue topaz, and iolite in all different shapes and sizes, with round pink sapphires sprinkled amongst the other gemstones. It's a display of color and all-natural gemstone beauty that is Bellarri's hallmark.

Capping the presentation are 3 points of diamonds decorating the caps that form the top citrine's setting. And notice the butterfly-shape cutouts on the setting undergallery.

The shank is fairly thick, tapering from about .35" wide below the gemstone cluster to .2" at the bottom. The top setting is .75" deep (length, finger direction). The ring size .3" up off the finger, and it's a size 7 with sizing available.

The mannequin hand shown in the photos is small, making the ring look bigger/fatter than it actually is. It's not a petite ring, to be sure, but along the Bellarri scale it's a medium-to-large ring.