Bellarri "Flirtation" 18K White Gold, Rhodolite Garnet & White Diamond Ring

This is a "Flirtation" design that we also have in 18K white gold and aquamarine, and now we're adding the rhodolite colorway to our site.

It features a solid 18K white gold shank and setting, with a 4.18 carat flat-tabled, all-natural, untreated, unheated oval rhodolite garnet flanked by 2.48 carats of flat-tabled rhodolite garnet baguettes. So total carat weight is 6.62ct, with an additional 7 points of white diamonds completing the presentation.

The center stone on this ring throws off a gorgeous palette of colors - we'll let the photos speak for themselves. The shoulder rhodolites all match each other perfectly and complement the center stone well though the center is surely the star of this show. As the lighting angle is shifted in our photos you'll see more differences come out between the rhodolites, with direct-angle shots showing how nicely the stones all match together.

The top setting measures .4" x .3" across the center rhodolite, but is .85" wide across the shoulder rhodolites. The center stone rises .25" up off the finger. The ring weighs 8.0 grams - for reference, a 25 cent Washington quarter weighs 5.6 grams - and the band is a size 7 with sizing service available.