Bellarri "Flirtation" 18K White Gold, Natural Aquamarine & White Diamond Ring

This is only the 2nd of these designs that we've seen in the 6+ years we've been carrying Bellarri. In 2018 we finally saw one in the rhodolite colorway, and now we are lucky to find one in aquamarine.

It features a solid 18K white gold band and setting with 5 beautiful and, most importantly, all-natural unheated aquamarines. The center stone is a 2.99 carat oval cut with flat table and faceted crown. Flanking the center are 1.79 additional carats of flat-tabled faceted baguettes, 2 per side. Finishing the presentation are 7 points / .07ct of genuine white diamonds.

Whereas many designers are heat-treating their aquamarines - this is how you get the teal-hued stones that populate so many jewelry stores - Bellarri refuses to utilize heat-treatment for her aquamarines (and Morganites as well). The color they boast coming out of the ground is the color she accepts, and if she wants deeper color she simply searches the market for better gems. So you can rest assured that every Bellarri aquamarine piece features not only natural, non-lab created stones, but those stones are then brought to you without being artificially enhanced.

The top setting measures .45" x .4" measured strictly across the oval center, but .8" wide measured across the shoulders. The center of the setting rises .25" up off the finger and the ring weighs 6.5 grams. The band is a size 7.25, just quarter-size larger than Bellarri's standard 7.