Bellarri "Ultimate Color II" 18K Ring

Bellarri's Ultimate Color collections, both I and II, are two of their most successful and longest running. In fact, the original Ultimate Color collection has been on offer now for more than 12 years, testament to how popular the collection's designs have been with Bellarri fans.

We recently sold the matching enhancer and earrings, and just came up with the ring. It features a great palette of all-natural earth-mined gemstones, from red and rhodolite garnet to topaz and citrine, green tourmaline and peridot, with some amethyst right in the center. Total gemstone count is 4.75 carats, plus another 14 poins of F/G diamonds. Plus the gemstones in this ring feature the same faceting and cut as Bellarri's signature "Mosaic" collection.

The top setting measures 1" long but sits just over .25" up off the finger, so as large as the top setting is it's still a very wearable ring as a daily wearer because of how the setting flows along the shape of your finger.

The ring is a size 7 and sizing is available.