Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Yellow Gold, 3-Stone Natural Amethyt & White Diamond Ring

From Bellarri's "Lolita" Collection, this is only the 2nd iteration of this design that we've seen - the other was aquamarine in white gold.

This ring features a solid 18K yellow gold band with pretty filigree goldwork decorating the side gallery all around. It's a three-stone design - the centerpiece is a 1.91ct all-natural, earth-mined and untreated teardrop shaped amethyst featuring Bellarri's signature Mystique cut with flat table and scalloped crown to accentuate the "exploding light" refraction pattern that is the hallmark of the Mystique cut.

Flanking the center stone are two smaller amethyst, both faceted teardrops, totaling .67ct. A full 12 points / .12ct of white diamonds caps the presentation.

The top setting measures .5" long (finger direction) across the center amethyst, and .95" wide fully across the shoulders of the ring. The setting rises only .25" up off the finger - this would be a nice, non-intrusive everyday wearer - and the ring in total weighs 5.2 grams.

The band is a size 7, Bellarri standard, and sizing is available. Retail was over $4K but we have it brand new and retail fresh for only $1295.