Bellarri "Lolita" 18K Yellow Gold, Amethyst, Multi-Gem & White Diamond Ring

This legacy "Lolita" Collection creation is absolutely stunning and features a relatively high retail - well over $7K - due to the complexity of the setting and the incredible array of gemstones on all sides.

It starts with a solid 18K yellow gold band and features a gorgeous 6.78 carat all-natural amethyst with Bellarri's signature "Mystique Cut". This cut displays a beautiful refraction pattern, like a starburst of light from the center of the stone, and the effect is accentuated by the flat table and scalloped crown of the stone.

We're just getting started though, because there are an additional 2.70 carats of natural gemstones on all four sides. On both long sides of the ring, in tapered-length settings, are arrays of iolite, citrine, rhodolite and red garnet on the top row and citrine, red garnet and rhodolite on the bottom. Then on the other two short sides of the setting are baguettes of peridot and blue topaz.

A full 20 points / .20ct of genuine white diamonds, all set in rhodium over 18K yellow gold, decorate the ring on all 4 sides and at the top corners. Really, everywhere Bellarri could have put diamonds she absolutely did.

We should also emphasize that the effect of using rhodium over the yellow gold to create a pure white setting for the white diamonds is something she rarely does anymore. When this ring was created rhodium cost approximately $1000 per ounce, but rhodium is now over $11,000 per ounce, far outpacing the increase in the cost of gold which itself is up close to 100% since this ring was created.

The top setting measures .6" x .5" across the center amethyst and .8" fully across the shoulders. The rise is almost .35" and the ring weighs 10.4 grams, more than a third of an ounce. The band is a size 7 - actually just above a 7 but not quite a 7.25 - and sizing is available.